“We don’t have any science that says masks work, and we ignore the science that says masks don’t work and are harmful.  But we STRONGLY recommend wearing a mask to keep safe.”


“We know the vaccines do not stop the spread of COVID-19, and we know the vaccines may cause injury and death.  But we STRONGLY recommend you get vaccinated 49 times a day to protect yourself and others.”


“We know there is no science supporting the 6 feet (2 meters) social distancing rule.  We made this rule up.  Six feet, 10 feet (3.1m), or 3 feet (1m) social distancing is silly because the virus is airborne and can travel any distance.  But we STRONGLY recommend you continue social distancing to keep yourself and others safe.”


“We make up a lot of information about the Pandemic.  Things are going as we planned at Event 201 in October, 2019.
“To stay safe, we STRONGLY recommend that you keep listening to everything we say.  After all, we are following the science.”

                                                         – The Puppet Masters











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