Chabalich Don Quo

“What is ZOTAZZ?”
“The proper way to ask is, ‘What are ZOTAZZ?’ ”
“Okay, what are ZOTAZZ?”
“I don’t know.”


If the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, then from where do absurd questions come?


Do taxes have priority over God?


Do we depreciate, or just get old?


Are employment conditions ever right if we have to work?


What they were doing in space was what she sensed she’d been put on earth to do: explore, gather data, and make sense of–
Sorry for this interruption.  It is a sentence from Michael Lewis’ The Fifth Risk.  Sunspots may have caused this sentence to end up in this blog.  Stay tuned for further developments.


“Have you read, How To Be Successful?”
“I didn’t think so.”


“How do I get over my fear of fear?”
“Cut off your right thumb.”
“How does cutting off my right thumb eliminate my fear of fear?”
“It doesn’t, but you won’t care about your fear of fear because of the pain.”


“Remember that Section 53 requires a two-second notice.”
“Uh?  For what?”
“You’ve been notified.”
“Notified for what?”
“Chabalich Don Quo.”
“Oh…Okay…Thanks for clearing that up.”


Flying Grasshopper

 1½ oz. (3Tbsp.) vodka
½ oz. (1 Tbsp.) white crème de menthe
½ oz. (1 Tbsp.) green crème de menthe

Shake ingredients with cracked ice; strain into chilled glass over ice cubes.

“What the hell?  How does a recipe for a Flying Grasshopper get from a Bar Guide into this blog?”
“I asked authors Sharon Tyler-Herbst and Ron Herbst.”
“What did they say?”
” ‘ZOTAZZ.’ “








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