Madam Butterfly, The Meatball and Hearsay


My two sisters are Madam Butterfly and The Meatball.  We often discuss movies we see online—especially on Netflix.

Recently, I recommended Those Who Wish Me Dead.  It’s a thriller, and it had me jumping and cheering.  I enjoyed it despite the loose ending.

The Meatball said that Madam Butterfly had said that Lou was good.

I had seen the trailer for Lou and did not feel inclined to watch it.  But since Madam Butterfly said it was good, I disregarded my gut feeling and watched it.

Well!  I did not watch the whole movie.  The premise and plot twist were stupid and unbelievable!  I fast-forwarded through it.

I called Madam Butterfly to express my outrage at her recommendation.

“I haven’t seen it,” said Madam Butterly.

“What?  How can you say that a movie is good when you have not seen it?” I asked.

“I didn’t say that Lou was good.  I saw the trailer and said that it looks good.”

The Meatball heard Madam Butterfly say, “It looks good,” and misunderstood it as “It is good.”  Ever wonder why hearsay evidence is not allowed in court?

Will Madam Butterly and The Meatball react to Lou as I did?  They said they would watch Lou and send me a full report in triplicate.



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