Mind Your Own Clothing!


I have no interest in commenting on what other people are wearing.  I may think someone is over or underdressed, but I say nothing.  I prefer to mind my own clothing.  I wish others would give me the same courtesy.

For years, family and friends have commented on my clothing when I show up at social functions:

“Aren’t you too hot in that?”
“Why are you dressed like that?  It’s not that cold out.”
“You should see a doctor.  It’s not normal to be dressed like that when it isn’t cold.”
“Take that sweater off!  You’re too hot.”
“Blah blah blah blah blah …”

Every social function, since the Universe began, someone will comment on and question what I am wearing.  Up until today, these comments came from family and friends.  Today a stranger had to mind my clothing.

I was walking on the westbound platform of the Spadina subway station.  A man walked towards me.  He was in his forties and looked normal, except that he was gawking at me.  Why?  Do I know him?  As he got closer he said, “Why are you dressed like that?  It’s not cold out, and you’re wearing too many clothes.  You don’t need all that clothing, blah blah blah …”

He kept talking, and I kept walking.  My mommy told me never to talk to strangers.  I could not hear what he said, but it was about my clothing and the temperature.

Are peoples’ lives so empty that they must comment on whether my clothing is appropriate for the weather?

Warmth!  I love warmth!  I crave warmth!  Being warm reminds me of when I was president of F.A.D.  (Fetuses Against Drugs) and lived in a womb.

How wonderful life was when I lived in a womb!  No taxes.  No bills.  No mortgage.  No rent.   I had no deeds to do, no promises to keep.*

Since I was kicked out, I have often tried to return to the womb.  No success, but I did cause several pregnancies.

Keeping warm is the closest I can get to being back in the womb, and keeping warm allows me to cherish my womb memories.

So, please do not disturb my peace with comments and questions about what I wear.  Mind your own clothing.  Thank you.


*  Some lyrics from The 59th Street Bridge by Paul Simon


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