Tuesday March 14th

Ada Lovelace and Albert Einstein discovered that the square root of macaroni equals the hypotenuse of ten pounds of tomatoes.


I was right!  I was right!  Yesterday’s blog ended with my opinion that today would be Tuesday.  I was right!

Today is Tuesday March 14th, 2023.  Albert Einstein was born on March 14th.  But in 1879, March 14th was a Friday.  Albert wanted to be born on a Friday, just in time for the weekend.  He had a date Saturday night with Ada Lovelace, a mathematician.

(Albert would soon discover that Ada was into kinky math.  She would get Albert to beat her and call her a “dirty poodle” while she stood in front of a blackboard solving quadratic equations.)

Albert is 144 years old today.  But he does not look a day over 150.  What is his secret?

Unfortunately, I cannot attend Albert’s birthday party.  I am not dead.  Albert is inviting dead people only.  He does not want any party guests who are alive because alive people spread COVID.

But I will still try to attend Albert’s party.  I may be able to get in because many people say, “Gary is dead from the neck up.”




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