It Is Done!


It is done!  It is done!  My 2022 tax return is done.

I hate doing taxes.  I put off doing my taxes for several weeks.  It is not my fault.  I blame my daughter and son-in-law.  They bought me a ROKU TV.  How easy it is to put off the tasks at hand when you pick up the remote and allow your eyes to melt into the TV screen.

I saw some great movies on Netflix while I avoided doing my taxes.  I Care A LotThose Who Wish Me Dead, and A Taste of Pumptice were just some of the movies I enjoyed.  I would never have watched them if I was not putting off doing my taxes.

At times I prayed to God:

Please, God, please do my taxes.  You created the universe with all its wonders.  How hard would it be to do the tax return for a genius trapped in an idiot’s body?

Alas, God ignored me.  He or She was off somewhere creating another universe.  This new universe would be free of human beings.  Rumor has it that God is disappointed in human beings.  They do things to their planet and each other that God does not like.

Finally, after several weeks, I put the remote down and muddled through my taxes.  At times I felt like I did not belong in the midst of the tax forms.  I was like sanity in the House of Commons.  But I trudged on and left the remote alone.  And then?  And then I completed my taxes and mailed them.

What a relief!  In the words of Paul Simon, “I got no deeds to do, no promises to keep.”  For now, anyway.



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