Where Did It Go and Why?

What I am about to relate happens to me more times than an old man with an enlarged prostate has to pee.  Each time it happens, I question my eyesight and sanity.  But they appear to be normal—although there may be some people who would question my sanity.

I either put something down in a specific spot or drop something on the floor.  When I go to pick the item up, it is gone!  Disappeared!  Nowhere to be seen!  I search for it—especially in the spot where I left or dropped it.  Nothing!  And then, after an undetermined amount of time, the item appears at the very spot where I left or dropped it!  How could I have missed it?  There it is in plain sight.

Where do the items go?  Another dimension?  If so, then why do they go there?  Better weather?  Why do they return?  Do they miss me?

This disappearing act happens more when I drop something than when I put it in a specific spot.  But often, I will place a library book on the shelf by my door so I do not forget to return the book to the library.  When I go to leave, the book is gone!  I distinctly remember placing it on the shelf, but it is not there.  I look around my place and no book.  And then I decide to leave without the book, and there it is where I left it.

What a mystery!

Now, if you will excuse me, the old man mentioned above is not the only one with an enlarged prostate.




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I am Minnie and Chic's son.