A Litle Good Friday Humor on the Saturday Before Easter

What Jesus saw while he was in The Cave.

What did Jesus do while dead in The Cave between Good Friday and Easter Sunday?  Did he have a tv with cable to watch?  Play Solitare?  Go online to garybjohnston.com and read the brilliant blogs?  How did Jesus pass the time?

We may never know how Jesus passed the time.  We may never know where Jesus parked his car before he was crucified.  We may never know whether the Romans towed his car.  We may never know whether this blog is as funny as the jokes who sit on Parliament Hill.

Where would the rock band Jesus Christ and the Disciples be today if it wasn’t for the Crucifixion?

Who paid the rent for The Cave from Good Friday to Easter Sunday?

Did Jesus’ deodorant last while he was dead?

On Easter morning, if Jesus rolls away the stone, emerges from The Cave and sees his shadow, then we have 260 more shopping days until Christmas.



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