On Monday April 10, 2023, Ted found out what happens after you breathe your last, cash in, croak, kick the bucket, cross over, expire, flatline, give up the ghost, pass on, perish, and go the way of all flesh.

Ted was sick for several years with cancer.  He had a brain tumor which he said was okay because it proved he had a brain.

What a sense of humor!  That is one of the qualities I admired most about Ted.  He was kind-hearted and loyal, too.  Ted would never sell anyone out and often took the punishment meant for other people.

I worked with Ted, but lost contact with him after he retired.  We reconnected several years ago and often reminisced about the battles we fought way back when.

Ted loved practical jokes!  His wife gave him the idea to take a turkey’s neck and put it in a jar of alcohol.  He told his fellow employees he had a penis-reduction operation and showed the turkey’s neck as proof.  Many believed him.

When fellow employees telephoned Ted, he would transfer them to the local mental health hospital.  I am not aware whether he got into trouble for doing so.  I don’t think he did.

If Ted comes to meet me on my deathbed, I will be prepared for some elaborate practical joke.  Death will not change Ted’s impish look and wild sense of humor.

Godspeed, Ted.





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