If I Ruled the World . . .


If I ruled the World, every day would be every day.


If I ruled the World:

– dreams would come false.

– there would be cures for every disease, including blooptitus, which does not exist.

– women would be able to take the fat off their thighs and butts and put it on their boobs.

– dogs would walk themselves and pick up their poop.

– cats would clean their litter boxes.

– men would occasionally think with the brains in their heads.

– improper fractions would have to act properly.

– semen would taste like chocolate and cause weight loss when swallowed.

– the cell phones of people disturbing others with loud conversations would go dead.

– there would never be a shortage of bananas.

And finally,

If I ruled the World, blogs like this would have smoother endings.




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I am Minnie and Chic's son.