On Birthdays


Birthdays.  Is it a coincidence that they happen every year?

People make big deals for those having a birthday.  But are people having birthdays deserving of such a fuss?  What remarkable feat did these people do to deserve a celebration?  What great skills did they use to keep having birthdays?  Did they climb Mount Everest?  Did they win a gold medal in some sport after years of disciplined practise?  Did they create a prize-winning work of art?  No, all they did was breathe and eat.

Are breathing and eating great skills?  Did it take years of disciplined practise to learn them?

Fortunately, Nature ensured we were born knowing how to breathe and eat.  How many of us would survive if we had to learn how to draw a breath and chow down food?

Birthdays are no big deal when considering what it takes for people to have one.  Whether you are 10, 50, or 100, you reached that age because you kept breathing and eating.  And if you want to keep having birthdays, then keep inhaling and exhaling and stuffing your pie hole.



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I am Minnie and Chic's son.