Earth Day

“Why did the mud cross the road?”
“It was stuck on a chicken’s foot.”


“How does paying carbon taxes save the Earth?”
“Taxes give the government more money to waste.”
“But how does that save the Earth?”
“You ask such stupid questions!”


“Al Small was not that tall, but tall enough to listen.
He heard a turd go plop in furd
And made his pumptice glisten.”

“That does not make any sense.”
“And it doesn’t make any money or apple pie.”
“Why recite nonsense on Earth Day?”
“It clears my mind of litter.”


“What do they do on Jupiter on Jupiter Day?”
“They get stupider.”
“Clearing out more litter, are we?”


Trudeau’s public health agency blames ‘climate change’ on ‘capitalism’ and ‘racism’

‘Systemic drivers of negative health outcomes and climate change overlap,’ reads the report. ‘White supremacy, capitalism, colonialism and racism must be addressed.’



Planet Earth walked into a bar and the bartender said, “What will it be?”
And Planet Earth said, “I’ll have some clean water and fresh air, please.”
“I’m sorry,” said the bartender, “but we’re all out.”
And Planet Earth got up and ended.



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