That’s Funny


Telus Communications, like all businesses, boasts about its customer service, but it does not want customers to talk to LIVE customer service operators.  When you call to speak to a LIVE operator, Telus will not allow you to do so until you use their Virtual Assistant.

Yesterday, I spent almost TWO HOURS trying to speak to a LIVE operator because I had to go through the Virtual Assistant.  The link Telus sent to my cell phone did not work.  The link worked on my laptop, but I had trouble signing into my account.  When I finally signed in, the Virtual Assistant made me jump through hoops before it asked for my number so someone could call me back.  The technical difficulties went on and on after several times of Telus calling me back.

It took almost TWO *TELUS HOURS before I finally spoke to a LIVE operator who resolved the problem.  The Virtual Assistant could not resolve the problem, and I knew that before I called.

Telus Customer Service?  Ha!  That’s funny.




You fight your way home through a terrible snowstorm or torrential rain.  Once you get home and warm up or dry off, you put on the news.  And then you learn how bad the weather is as if you did not know already.  That’s funny.




We do not mind dogs pooping and peeing in public, but we get upset when people poop and pee in public.  That’s funny.




We vote for politicians who receive most, if not all, of their campaign money from Big Business.  If elected, we expect these politicians to consider our best interests.  That’s funny!




The prices of everything are going up and up.  The stock market is going up and down and all around.  We believe that this is happening by chance.  That’s funny.





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