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The following repeats ideas expressed in several previous blogs about the Pfizer Documents.

After the government rolled out the vaccines, people worldwide reported injuries and deaths caused by the vaccines.  The government, the authorities, and the beetle in my backyard dismissed these reports as “silly conspiracy theories” and “misinformation.”  The mainstream media did not report the numerous vaccine injuries and deaths.

Pfizer submitted documents to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that showed the COVID- vaccine testing results.  The FDA used these documents to approve the Pfizer vaccine.

The FDA did not want these documents released to the public for 75 years.  A group of doctors called the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT) took the FDA to court.  In January, 2022, a judge ruled that the FDA had to release the documents.



The mainstream media reported on the PHMPT winning the court case, which forced the FDA to release the documents.  But the mainstream media did not report the contents of the Pfizer Documents.  Why?  Are Pfizer and the other drug companies major advertisers to the mainstream media?  Is money more important than health?  Is there an agenda for the vaccines that has nothing to do with COVID?

The Pfizer Documents showed that the vaccines did not work during the testing and caused injuries and deaths.  These documents corroborated the injuries and deaths people reported when the vaccines were rolled out.  In other words, the Pfizer Documents validated the so-called “conspiracy theories” and “misinformation.”

The FDA, Pfizer, the government, and the beetle in my backyard KNEW that the vaccines did not work.  They KNEW the vaccines could cause injuries and deaths.  They KNEW these things yet they still promoted the vaccines as “safe and effective.”

So, why am I again blogging about the Pfizer Documents?

This past weekend, the federal Liberals held a convention.  One of the policies the Liberals decided on was mandatory vaccines.  If re-elected, the Liberals will “keep public places safe” by mandating vaccines that do not work, and could injure and kill Canadians.



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