A Conversation With A KAD


“Your problem, Gary, is that you expect things to be perfect.”

Words from a Kool-Aid Drinker (KAD)—a heavy Kool-Aid Drinker.  We were discussing COVID.  KAD has been vaccinated four times and has had COVID three times.  It does not bother KAD that he has been vaccinated four times, and still gets the virus he was vaccinated against.

“It would have been worse if I wasn’t vaccinated,” he said.  “The vaccine protected me.”

I have heard that would-have-worse line from everyone who still gets COVID after multiple vaccinations.  I am reminded of the guy who died after receiving his second shot.  People said, “It would have been worse if he wasn’t vaccinated.”

“But the vaccines are not “safe and effective,” I said.  “They don’t stop you from getting COVID, and they are injuring and killing people worldwide.”

“What people?  Where?  I haven’t heard anything.”

“What about Deanna?”

(Deanna is a mutual friend who still cannot walk properly after getting the vaccine last year.)

“You can’t go by one case,” he said.

“But there are lots of cases of injuries and deaths.”

“Well, I haven’t heard anything.  So what if there were a few cases?  The vaccine is not perfect.  You’re problem, Gary, is that you expect things to be perfect.”

Yes, I guess it is foolish of me to expect a vaccine to work, and not injure and kill people.







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