Quarks and Leptons


Quarks and Leptons make up all matter.  Quarks and Leptons also make an excellent title for a blog about a jumble of words with no point in particular.  That is all I know about Quarks and Leptons.


If I believe rather than know, then I can believe whatever I want.  If I know, then I have to stick to the facts.


We are not needed, and the Universe runs nicely without our help.


Mosquito at Nudist colony: The food quality is poor, but the food is plentiful and easy to get.


My own economic recovery will occur when I win big in a lottery.


Please wait until I am finished before you interrupt me.


Climate Crisis?  Climate Emergency?

Right now, a few clouds peacefully sail across a blue sky while birds sing and Sun shines warmly.

Someone should tell Mother Nature about the climate crisis/emergency so she has time to panic.


If there are senior citizens, then where are the junior citizens?


Does death strengthen or weaken your immune system?


I opened my front door and saw the Gobi Desert.  I do not live in or near the Gobi Desert.  I realized I was on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean in a Quarks and Leptons’ surreal dream.

Nothing makes sense.  I can’t wait for the Quarks and Leptons to wake up.



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I am Minnie and Chic's son.