Batteries Not Included

Family portrait of the Energizer Bunny’s cousins.


The voices in my head caught colds after getting wet during a brainstorm.


I relaxed my mind, and the voices fell out.  Fortunately, none were hurt.


The voices in my head took my brain when they went on vacation.  I am not sure when they are coming back.  Should I rent out the space?


Shhhh!  Listen.  Can you hear the voices in my head sleeping?


The voices in my head refuse to take courses on Active Listening.


The voices in my head went to a psychiatrist.  She told them she could prescribe a drug that would make me disappear.


After their annual checkup, the doctor told the voices in my head that too much of me was not healthy for them.  They told the doctor that they would cut back.


Even though too much of me is unhealthy for the voices in my head, they promised they would never leave me for another head.


“I don’t get it.  What do batteries have to do with this blog?”
I don’t know.  The voices in my head told me to use Batteries Not Included as the title.
“Do you always listen to the voices in your head?”
What?  Sorry, I did not hear what you said because I was listening to the voices in my head.





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I am Minnie and Chic's son.