Excuses Excuses Excuses


“What?  Another blog two days in a row?”

Yeah, I ran out of excuses.  When I do not write, it is because I do not have enough spare time with my full-time job as a doofus.

Several times I could not write because the dog ate my universe.

One time drowning at sea stopped me from writing.

Writing was impossible when my ship came in and was full of ship.
“You mean your ship was full of shit.”
That, too.

I stopped writing when Lee Harvey Oswald shot three bullets into my stationery.  Lyndon Baines Johnson was kind enough to bring me new writing materials, but they were not as good as the stationery Oswald killed.

My cup ranneth over and flooded my desk
I could not write because of the mesk.

I was vaccinated against writer’s block and got writer’s block three times.  It would have been worse if I was not vaccinated.  If I were not vaccinated, then I would have gotten writer’s block three times.

Sometimes I cannot write when I mope with the intent to gawk.

My writing is often hindered by the nuclear war between China and my next-door neighbor.  With some discipline, I can ignore the nuclear fallout and sling some ink.




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