You Know You Are Getting Old . . .


You know you are getting old when . . .


 – Everywhere you go, people tell you how good you look.


– You have aches and pains where body parts do not exist.


– You grow hair in your ears.


– Your point of view requires trifocals.


– You start thinking that wearing diapers is a good and practical idea.


– The noises you make while going to the bathroom are the same noises you made years ago while having sex.


– You need help from younger people with apps for your smartphone and computer.


– Getting up, whether lying or sitting, is such a chore.


– You get tired listening to your hair grow.


– The pleasures of defecation are greater than the pleasures of fornication.
(Stolen from Mark Twain)


– You get tired listening to your hair fall out.


– You forget to finish your–



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