Here We Go Again!

Here we go again!  The Puppet Masters are getting the sheeple to dance to the songs of fear with another COVID variant.  Is this the variant that will wipe out humanity because the previous ones failed?


“Will the new fall COVID vaccine boosters work?”
“Why would they?” Vaccines have never worked since the beginning of smallpox and polio.  Read The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts About Vaccinations by Eleanor McBean.  She cites government reports, medical studies, newspaper reports, and quotes from politicians and doctors that prove that vaccines cause more harm than the viruses.  We have been and still are being bamboozled.”



Fact Check-Finding that most people dying from COVID-19 are vaccinated does not mean vaccines don’t work.

Uh?  People get vaccinated, then get COVID, then die from COVID, and the vaccine works?



Thou shall obey the Lord thy God – Doctors.

Thou shall not speak out against GMO foods.

Thou shall not speak out against vaccines.


It is so cold outside that snow is moving to Florida.  You and I go outside.  You are wearing a down-filled winter coat.  I am not wearing a coat.  You scream at me to put on a down-filled winter coat.  “The only way I can feel warm is if you put on a coat, too!”



Do you remember when they told us that one vaccine would do the trick and we could return to normal without masks or social distancing?



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