Still Moping

I am still moping—still upset over Big Brother removing a section of my August 24th blog.  Big Brother made it look like the censored section never existed.

When I wrote about the censored blog on August 25th, I mentioned why I thought Big Brother censored the blog.  I forgot what was perhaps the real reason the blog was censored.

In the same censored section, I gave a mini-review of a book by Eleanor McBean.  She published her book in 1956.  She presented overwhelming evidence proving that the you-know-whats never worked from the beginning.  We have been lied to and bamboozled about the you-know-whats all these years.

My blog is not viral.  I am a nobody in the blogosphere.  How threatening is the information in Mcbean’s book that Big Brother did not want the book mentioned even in a no-name blog?

Below is a link to an incomplete YouTube video about the book Big Brother removed from my August 24th blog.  I am surprised the link has not been removed from YouTube, although the rest of the video is missing.

Will you censor this blog, Big Brother, and remove the link?  And just one more thing, Big Brother, since you are reading this, has anyone ever told you that you are like the final section of the large intestine terminating at the anus?

McBean’s book is still available on Amazon.





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