The Wisdom of the Sheep


“I got two vaccines and then got COVID twice.  And then I got a third booster and got COVID a third time.”

“Are you going to get a fourth booster?”

“Of course!”


“Because I don’t wanna get COVID.”


Remember when they said ONE vaccine and we would be protected from COVID and could give up the masks and social distancing?

(All the YouTube videos of the Authorities saying this have been removed.)


“Was Jesus vaccinated?”

“Of course.  No vaccination.  No crucifixion.  And the next time he is crucified, he must wear a mask on the cross.”


“Fall arrived on Saturday September 23rd, but the Authorities sent it back.”


“It did not have a vaccine passport.”


“I wear a mask to protect myself from COVID.”

“But all the studies prove that the masks do not prevent the virus from going through the masks.”

“You believe your facts, and I’ll believe mine.”



“The only people I know of getting COVID are the vaccinated.”

“That’s because the unvaccinated are spreading it.  It’s all their fault.”

“But why are the vaccinated still getting COVID after being vaccinated?  Isn’t a vaccine supposed to stop you from getting the virus you’re being vaccinated against?”

“You’re an anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist!  Stop spreading misinformation.  It’s killing people!”

“But the Pfizer Documents, the reports Pfizer did while testing the vaccine, show that they knew the vaccine was harmful before they released it.”

“That’s just your opinion.  Stop spreading misinformation.”


“How many boosters does it take to change a light bulb?”

“How many?”

“Five?  Six?  Who knows?”


Some of the conversations in this blog took place.  No names were mentioned to protect the idiots.


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