And Shakes His Head


Masks do not work.  Besides the countless studies that prove that they do not prevent microscopic viruses from going through the mask, there are warnings on the boxes of masks stating the masks do not protect against viruses.

Vaccines do not work.  The vaccinated still get COVID.  What is the point of a vaccine if it does not stop virus transmission?

The lockdowns did not work and caused more harm than good.

In the Star Chamber of Puppet Master Central, the following conversation took place:

“Well, we’re gonna mandate masks, vaccines, and lockdowns again.”

“Will they go for it?  Won’t they remember how the mandates did not work the first time?”

“Of course they will go for it.  They’re stupid!”


And so we are.


“Why are we here?”

“Because we are not there.”


Life does not equal meaning.


Have you noticed how racism has stopped since they tore down the statues?


“What do vaccines and politicians have in common?”


“Both don’t work.”


Are we having fun yet?


Every morning God gets up,

Listens to the news,

Reads the newspapers,

And shakes his head.




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