The Gary Soul

The Gary Soul  (circa Eternity)

Once upon a time, there was a Gary Soul.  The Gary Soul was supposed to be delivered to another planet, but was delivered to Earth by mistake.  Universal Postal incompetence!

Souls going to the wrong planet happens all the time.  Many say the Universal Postal workers should be fired for incompetence, but you cannot fire them.  Not only do they have a strong union, but the Universal Postal workers are made of asbestos.

Correcting this mistake was impossible.  And so the Gary Soul made the best of being on a planet where he did not belong.

Recently, an Earthling scolded the Gary Soul for spreading COVID.

“I have been vaccinated twice and had three booster shots.  I have had COVID four times.  Four times!  It’s all your fault because you’re not vaccinated and are spreading COVID.”

“But the only people I know getting COVID are the vaccinated.  I am sure there must be some, but I don’t know of any unvaccinated people catching COVID.”

“No one would get COVID if everyone got vaccinated.”

The logic escaped the Gary Soul, and it was one of many things he found depressing.  Most Earthlings reasoned this way.

Earthlings do not like facts when they prove their beliefs wrong.  They say, “I don’t care if it isn’t true; I still believe it!”  And they continue their irrational beliefs not based on fact but on their irrational beliefs.

The Gary Soul is gentle and kind, but Earthlings are a savage race.  They are always at war with each other.  The Gary Soul does not belong amongst these savages.  He does not belong on a planet where Justice and Fairness do not exist and is governed by the Law of the Jungle.

The Gary Soul feels like an astronaut whose safety cable broke while on a space walk.  He is adrift in space, often depressed, with the hope that someone or something will come along and save him.





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