Staring At Ceilings

“Still staring at ceilings?”

I can never tire of staring at ceilings, but I have also been busy with health issues and job interviews.

“Job interviews?”

I want to work as the CEO of NIP (Nothing In Particular).

“Are you not already doing so?”

Not really.  I have been in Toronto General Hospital since November 22, 2023, recuperating from a brain transplant.  My body is rejecting the peanut they transplanted to replace my brain.  Eating peanut butter keeps the rejection symptoms down.

I left the hospital on Monday, January 15, and am in a rehab facility.  If my body does not eventually accept my peanut brain, then I will have to have it removed and be brainless.  Being brainless means that I will be eligible to run for office.


Gary Johnston for Mayor of

The Twilight Zone.


We all know a few ex-mayors of  The Twilight Zone.  I am not sure who the current mayor is.  Being Mayor of The Twilight Zone would be more challenging than being the CEO of NIP.




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