Fussbudgets II or More Dirty Laundry

Comments on Facebook from the Fussbudgets post:


Elizabeth Johnston

Don’t worry we won’t give a sh’t about you and your health anymore. Ronnie, Emily and I are the only 3 people who cared for you when you were almost dead. We are also the only 3 people you bit*h about. Please stfu about the cookies and stop telling your friends bs about your family trying to control you. If you think us saying no to SIX boxes of cookies in which you consume a box in a couple hours is controlling then you need to think harder. You’re acting like a child and we’ve all stepped back. So now when your friends come to visit they can fill you with sugar. Who the f is hungry and eats boxes of cookies?? A child does.

I hope Marcus says no to me if I ask for that amount of sugar as a senior. So yes I will wait for that and he will take great care of me cause I won’t be an ungrateful POS!

Karma is a bit*h and I can’t wait for you to cross over and get slapped by my grandparents for how you’re treating Emily and I

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