Paul R. Ehrlich published a book in 1968 called The Population Bomb.  He predicted there would be insufficient food because of the increased population, resulting in global starvation.

Erhlich was on all the news and talk shows, including The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson, with his alarmist predictions.

We are still here.  Any starvation, in the world, is limited to certain countries and has more to do with politics than a shortage of food.

The Year 2000, or Y2K, was supposed to cause computer errors that would cause disasters, including planes falling out of the sky.  Computers were not formatted for dates after 1999.

We are still here.

How often have people predicted the world would end because of global warming/climate change?  (The Puppet Masters changed Global Warming to Climate Change when the globe was not warmer and the ice poles were not melting.)

The severe weather around the world was happening before there was pollution.

All doom and gloom predictions receive lots of media attention and cause alarm.  The media are silent when the predictions do not come true.  No one is held accountable for their false predictions causing alarm.

I have a prediction that I know will come true.  I predict that this blog will come to an end.



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