Not All About Near-Death Experiences


I have been fascinated by near-death experiences (NDE) since the 70’s.  I was an atheist before hearing from someone who had an NDE.  I was not a strong atheist.  If the ground started shaking, I would have prayed to a God, I did not believe in, to save me.

I like to be different.  There were not any atheists at my church, so I became one.

(What is wrong with this picture?  An atheist attending church?)

All the born-again Christians took a crack at me, trying to get me to accept Jesus as my saviour.  But I stood firm in my atheism while I was attending church and all the church-social functions.

Someone I will call Ted confided in me that he had a near-death experience while recovering from a serious operation.  Ted knew I would not ridicule him.  He felt he could confide in me.  Back then, people thought you were crazy or hallucinating if you reported your NDE.  This is still the same today, only less so.

Ted’s near-death experience disturbed him.  Was he going crazy?

Ted spoke to the hospital psychiatrist, who listened without judgment.  When Ted was finished, the psychiatrist said, “A lot of people have had your experience.”  Then, the psychiatrist recommended Raymond Moody’s Life After Life.

Immediately, I went out and bought Life After Life.  Wow!  That book did more than what the born-again Christians could not do: I renounced my atheism.  I did not accept Jesus as my saviour, but I believed in God.  I did not believe in the God I learned about in church.  The born-again Christians said that I was going to Hell because I did not believe in the God in The Bible and did not accept Jesus as my saviour.

God is beyond words.  If I had to describe God, the words would be “Unconditional Love.”

The near-death experiencers spoke of the lack of judgement and the abundance of Unconditional Love.  They said they judged themselves as they reviewed their lives and saw how their actions affected others.  Whether good or bad, the near-death experiencers saw and felt the results of their actions.  Only Unconditional Love came from the Being of Light or Jesus or God.

Not too long ago, I had a near-death experience while in the hospital.  I awoke at night to total darkness.  This was unusual because the lights from the hallway always shone into my room.

I could hear my heart beating, and then my heart stopped.  I thought, “Oh, my heart stopped.”

I felt myself rise out of my body into a tunnel.  I could see a bright Light at the end, and from this bright Light gushed Unconditional Love.

I moved faster and faster through the tunnel as I got closer to the Light.

Finally, I reached the end of the tunnel and was about to go into the Light, the overflowing Unconditional Love, but I had to go back.  I forgot my wallet.


We came to Earth to learn.
Earth is a classroom
and not a courthouse.

-A Near-Death Experiencer


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