Where have I been?

Lost in my thoughts?

Dan Creed’s Chevy Town, Buffalo, New York?

Deep in paper with income taxes?

Playing chess with a brick?  (I could not beat the brick.)

Some of the above?
None of the above.
All of the above?

The answer?

I still complete my income taxes on paper.  It is the best way for me to make mistakes.  Filing online would be quicker and with fewer errors, but I do taxes on paper to keep my perfection score low and my brain dull.

I had to keep starting and stopping while completing my taxes.  I had no place to leave the papers out permanently.  I had to pack up and unpack the papers many times for various reasons.

One of the packing-up times meant cleaning the papers before packing them.  It was when Humpty Dumpty had a great fall after falling off the wall.  The king’s horses and the king’s men helped with the cleanup.

I procrastinated — especially after unpacking the papers and trying to pick up where I left off.  Where would procrastination be if it wasn’t for Netflix?

One thing that bothers me every year.  At the end of the tax form is a box for you to donate all or part of your tax refund to the Ontario Opportunities Fund.  The Ontario government wants help paying Ontario’s debt.

Are they kidding?  They must be kidding!  Nope.  They tax us and tax us, and we pay taxes on top of taxes.  Then, they spend our taxes and go further into debt.  What nerve asking us for our tax refunds to help bail them out!

I wanted to write in the Ontario Opportunities box.  I wanted to suggest that the government perform a sexual act, by itself, which is impossible for most people to do.






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