Questions from Rupert T. Hormone’s Notebook

Professor Rupert T. Hormone, who has a PhD in Pumptice, discovered some questions in his notebook.  He said he did not write them.  If so, then who did?


Do chips have shoulders?


Will aliens ever find intelligent life on Earth?


Do clouds get the blues?


Is it optimistic to think life is full of absurdity and suffering?


What is the secret of genius?  Cornflakes?


Is it possible to have a near-death experience (NDE) and still live?


What is the right way to ask a question?


Is chemistry into real estate because it is concerned with the properties of atoms?


Do people climb the mountains they make from molehills?


What is the meaning of money?   Cornflakes?


Does gravity ever fall, or winter?

Does gravity ever hit bottom?


These are only some of the questions Rupert T. Hormone found in his notebook.  If you know who wrote these questions or the answers, then send the information to

Thank you.






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