In Honor of Her

Who is her?  Carole Greene, my first serious relationship.  (Carole Greene is not her real name.  Her real name is Agnes Glinkenbroomer, but I changed it to Carole Greene to protect my innocence —or what is left of my innocence.)

Carole had expensive tastes.  She was la crème de la crème and I was la muck de la muck.  She was an aristocrat, and I was a peasant.  She was way above my station in life.


Carole came from humble beginnings but rose to the aristocracy through education and a high-paying job.


I, on the other hand, came from bumble beginnings.  I am still bumbling along.

One Christmas, Carole gave me a velour robe.  It was brown and beige striped and looked like a biblical robe.  It even had a hood.  She said it was a Christian Dior.  I had never heard of a Christian Dior.  I thought a dior was a type of religious robe, and there were Jewish Diors and Muslim Diors.

There was no Internet back then in the Precambrian Era, so I consulted my collection of dictionaries and reference books looking for the word dior.  When not successful with my books, I went to the library and looked up dior in the dictionaries and reference books.  No luck.

Finally, I asked Carole about my dior.  She rolled her eyes and explained who Christian Dior was.  “OH,” I said, realizing again that Carole had more class than I could ever expect to have.

Carole wanted to get married, and I was terrified of a commitment.  We went our separate ways.  Some friends said that I was letting the gold slip through my fingers.  Perhaps I did.

Carole subsequently married an aristocrat, who gave her the wealthy lifestyle she deserved.  When not travelling to various countries, they lived in a mansion and often dined in restaurants that only aristocrats could afford.

Carole Greene came to mind recently because my credit card expired, and the bank issued me a new one.  When setting up the new credit card, the bank’s website gave the option of naming the card.  The voices in my head unanimously said how I should name the card Carole Greene to honour the gold I let slip through my fingers.


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