Ya Gotta Love Hypocrites

I know a man who goes on and on about our current society’s lack of morals, yet he is married and brags about having sex with various women.

This man is also a staunch conservative.  Whenever voters elect a conservative government, he says that the voters are smart.  But he says that voters are stupid when they elect a liberal government.


And then there is the businessman who embezzles thousands of dollars from his company, yet is among the loudest proponents of law and order and police cracking down on crime.


What about those who gossip about other people gossiping?


Some people desperately seek attention and then complain about others desperately seeking attention.


Anyone who does not know any hypocrites should look in the mirror.


Is it a coincidence that the letter begins with both human and hypocrite?


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I am Minnie and Chic's son.