About Gary

Gary is Minnie and Chic’s son.  He grew up in Toronto, Canada, and has a waterproof brain.  Gary evolved from Charles Darwin.

Gary has always loved bananas.  He once read that bananas are the cure for which there is no known disease.  Gary has never had any unknown diseases.

Gary loves bananas so much that he does not care when people compare him to a monkey.  Monkeys are upset about this comparison, but not Gary.  The monkeys launched a formal complaint, and the Monkey Rights Association is investigating.

Besides loving bananas, Gary loves making things that no one else has.  Here is a shaving stand Gary made from a 1.5-liter water bottle, paper-towel holders, packing tape, a paperclip, and decorative rocks.  The rocks keep the bottle from tipping over from the weight of the razor and brush.

He could have bought a shaving stand, but he wanted to have fun making one and having one that no one else has.  He loves being different.

And so it is with Gary’s job title: funny bone technician.  The world has lots of comedians, but Gary is the world’s only funny bone technician.

As a funny bone technician, Gary uses the principles of stand-up comedy, Laughter Yoga, and  Hyena Philosophy to make his fellow human beings not laugh.

Gary is also the Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated.  As the senior imaginary number, Gary helps to facilitate the impossible.

Gary once had an IQ of 267.  But somewhere along the way, he lost the 2.

Gary is about laughter and play and having fun.   He once said, “I came into this world crying because I was young and did not know better.  Now I am older.  Now I am wiser.  I will leave this world laughing.”