Privacy Policy

Definition of Footprint and Big Brother:

Footprint –  Any personal information which includes name, email address, IP address, etc.

Big Brother – Includes all companies used by this website,, such as Google, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, WordPress, and all companies behind the advertisements.


Privacy Policy:

Privacy policies are lengthy and complicated.  People write these policies to ensure job security. Only the people who write them can understand and explain them to we mortals.

To keep things simple, this website,, does not collect or share your footprints; however, Big Brother does.  Big Brother uses cookies.

Whether you consent or not, you leave a footprint when you go on the Internet.  You leave footprints wherever you go on the Internet.  Big Brother is always watching where you go and what you leave behind, and finding ways to make use of the information.

By visiting this website, you are consenting to Big Brother’s use of your footprints.

Big Brother will keep your information for as long as he needs to.

This website has to use Big Brother to monitor traffic for financial reasons, and to determine whether this website’s capability needs to be increased.

Big Brother promises to protect your privacy.

Below are links to Big Brothers’ privacy policies.  If you wish, you can read in lengthy complicated detail what was stated simply above.  (Not included are links to the privacy policies of the various companies behind the ads.)